Gearbox Testing

    GEARTest is a proven turnkey solution for the full load testing of industrial gearboxes for operation critical segments

    such as:
    • Mining, e.g. conveyors & heavy equipment
    • Wind Turbines
    • Oil & Gas, e.g. high speed compressors
    • Marine, e.g. propulsion systems
    Utilising Siemens SINAMICS S120 Active Front End drive technology GEARTest is an energy efficient system that consumes only the system losses from the incoming supply. This is typically 20 ~ 25% of the test gearbox power rating. The remaining energy is recovered and recirculated / regenerated with low harmonics & manageable power factor.    
    GEARTest is available in power ratings up to 4MW with Low Voltage (415VAC or 690VAC) and >4MW with Medium Voltage.    
    The core package of operating system, data logging, reporting, drives & motors can be complemented with: Motor Mounting Modules, Drive Shafts, Floor Plates & 3rd Party Motor / Gearbox Assembly Testing.