Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 & digitalisation are becoming increasingly important in both small & large scale manufacturing

    As a Siemens partner for Motion Control working with OEMs & end-users it is clear that Industry 4.0 thinking is becoming more mainstream. In our solutions we have started to incorporate elements of Industry 4.0 and discuss with customers the benefits.

    We firmly believe that Industry 4.0 is a journey and not a destination, we are not promising to the market that Industry 4.0 is a magic bullet to solve their production needs, it is step-by-step approach to solve discrete problems. While the end goal is a ‘smart factory’ the immediate goal can be as simple as getting to a ‘smart enough factory’.

    In recognition of working to be an industry leader in the Industry 4.0 space CNC Design is now a Siemens MindSphere partner. This in conjunction with our existing knowledge & expertise puts us in a strong position to solve a variety of challenges faced in the manufacturing sector.