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Our Services

CNC Machine Tools Retrofit
We have delivered many projects across Malaysia and Singapore in various machine tool applications.
Milling Application
Milling Application
Turning Application
Turning Application
Grinding Application
Grinding Application
Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing
Special Purpose Machine
Special Purpose Machine

CNC Machine Retrofit


New Electrical Cabinets

Complete new electrical cabinets with Siemens components.
New Electrical Cabinets
New Electrical Cabinets

New Operator Station

Based on Siemens standard operator panel components.
New Operator Station

Mechanical Reconditioning

Mechanical reconditioning services include:
  • Machine relocation including foundation design
  • Levelling and realignment
  • Slideway scraping
  • Hydrostatic and lube system reconditioning
  • Bed error laser measurement & compensation
  • Ballscrew replacement
Mechanical Reconditioning   Mechanical Reconditioning
Mechanical Reconditioning   Mechanical Reconditioning

Re-Engineering Services

Re-engineering services include:
  • New high-precision tilt mechanism for cambering
  • Precision gearboxes for servo axes
  • Ballscrew for X infeed axis
  • Coolant system including tank, filtration system & pumps
  • New hydraulic & hydrostatic systems
  • Replacement neck rests
  • Replacement hydrostatic grinding spindle
  • New machine sensors
Re-Engineering Services
Re-Engineering Services
Drive Upgrade
Upgrading your discontinued drive unit with latest drive from Sinamics
CNC Design offers a drive solution to our customer in order to keep the production running
Drive Upgrade
Drive Upgrade
Drive Upgrade
Conventional to CNC Machine Upgrade
100% upgrade from conventional machine to CNC system
Large milling, lathe and grinding machine can be upgrade to CNC machine
More machine flexibility
Increase flexibility, accuracy and machine reliability
Design solution with new CNC system
Engineering design with a good solution with new CNC/drive/motor
Conventional Lathe Machine to CNC Machine
Conventional Lathe Machine to CNC Machine
Conventional lathe machine
  • New ball scew
  • New lubrication system
  • New cable drag chain
  • New Siemens servo motor with new flange, pulley and belt for X-Axis
  • New Siemens servo motor with new flange and coupling for Z-Axis
  • New ball scew
  • Industrial grade machine painting
New Siemens main spindle motor
Integated CNC Controller
Machine Commissioning
Upgrade roll grinder machine with CNC system
Conventional Grinding Machine
CNC machine controller
Upgrade roll grinder machine to CNC system
Old Manual Machine
New CNC System
Mechanical Overhaul

Restore machine accuracy and performance

We provide mechanical service by our mechanical team from CNC Thailand for following service.
  • Restoring guideways through scraping or grinding
  • Fixing of anti-friction material like turcite and matching
  • Replace new ball screws and bearings
  • Total geometric alignment
  • Replace/repair of hydraulics and other accessories as part of the project
  • Rack and pinion installation
  • Hydrostatic system
We can supply a fully revamped machine to you in a short time. Machine accuracy and performance will be completely restored. Machines supplied include boring machines, gear cutting machines, lathes, grinding machines, vertical lathes etc.

Machine Scrapping

Restoring guideways through scraping or grinding
Machine alignment and check after scraping

Machine Levelling & Laser Check

Machine alignment and laser check after scraping
Can grind up to maximum 10m

Replacing Ball Screw

Replace new ball screw and bearing for more perfomance.

Revamp Sliding Surfaces for Better Positioning

Fixing of anti friction material like Turcite, Babbit, Biplast and matching

Replace Rack & Pinion

Check rack and pinion
Replace by new one

Full Service for Mechanical Overhaul

Lubrication system
Machine assembly and painting
Machine assembly and painting

CNC Design Training Center

Training Offer:
  • Operating and programming
  • Service and maintenance
  • HRDF certified
  • Highly experienced in machine tools technology
Target Group:
  • Engineer
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Machine operator
Duration and Prices:
  • 2 days free Operation and Programming for machine retrofitted by CNC Design
  • Minimum of 5 days for training at CNC Design training center

Endure Knowledge Transfer

As an initiative from SIEMENS Germany, CNC Design has been appointed as an official training center for SINUMERIK Training which cover:
  • Service and Maintenance for SINUMERIK 828D
  • Service and Maintenance for SINUMERIK 840Dsl
  • Operation and Programming for SINUMERIK 828D/840Dsl
CNC Design also able to provide tailored made training to meet customer requirement for:
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Operation and Programming

Training Facilities and Equipment

Training Room
  • Room for maximum 12 participants
  • 5 sets of desktop computer with licenses for maintenance and programming
  • 2 sets of 75” TV screen
  • 5 sets of SINUMERIK 840Dsl simulator
  • 5 sets of SINUMERIK 828D simulator
  • 5 sets of Sinamics S120 simulator
  • 3 sets of Sinumerik One simulator
  • 2 sets of synchronous motor simulator
Praying Room
Meal and coffee area

Train the Trainer (TTT) Program

Service and Maintenance for Sinumerik 828D & 840Dsl using SINUMERIK and SINAMICS simulator.
Train the Trainer (TTT) Program   Train the Trainer (TTT) Program
Train the Trainer (TTT) Program   Train the Trainer (TTT) Program
Train the Trainer (TTT) Program
Operation and Programming for Sinumerik 828D/840Dsl using SinuTrain shopfloor software from SIEMENS.
Train the Trainer (TTT) Program
Train the Trainer (TTT) Program   Train the Trainer (TTT) Program
Train the Trainer (TTT) Program
HSD Service
The partnership with HSD provides a local channel for repair, service & replacement of HSD’s:
  • Electro-spindles
  • 5-Axis Heads
  • Boring Heads & Aggregates
The technicians at our service centre have been trained by HSD and the service is carried out on original HSD equipment, which ensures the highest level of quality.

Our service centre’s capabilities include:
  • Repairs
  • Replacement electro-spindles
  • Spare parts
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CNC Design Siemens Supplier Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia | Sinumerik Sinamics Simodrive Simatic 6SL 6FC 6SN